The Concept:

55 Fresh is the belief that our "local" farmers' markets should be just that - local.  Local produce grown by local farmers, and  local artisans selling their local wares.

San Luis Obispo county is roughly 55 miles long so that became the range in which to define our "local" vendor criteria.

In the spirit of the "Buy Local" concept, we give preference to farmers and artisans that grow and create within a 55 mile radius of the market.  

From San Miguel to the north and Solvang to the south, 55 Fresh is the new benchmark of a truly "local" farmers' market on the Central Coast.

Also know that our market will never allow genetically modified organism (GMO) produce for sale . . . ever.  Our farmers grow in the field and not in the lab!


The Farmers:

The Central Coast of California has the weather to grow a myriad of amazing and diverse crops, thanks to our micro-climates.

From avocados to zucchinis and all things  in between, local farmers bring the freshest and tastiest natural items to market.

The term “certified agricultural product” refers to fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, shell eggs, honey, flowers and nursery stock that have been grown in California by farmers who practice the agricultural arts. 

Some producers are also "Certified Organic" and display that information at their booth.  

Strike up a conversation with any vendor, to learn their growing/creating process!

The Artisans:

You now have a one-stop farmers' market destination!

*  Artisan bread and sauces created on site at California Fresh Market

*  Homemade biscotti

*  Healthy probiotics and tinctures

*   Sprouted cereals

*  Gluten-free and low glycemic baked goods made in a dedicated kitchen

*  Fresh local jam

*  Arnica-based lotion

*  Drought-resistant succulants

*  Handcrafted soaps and kitchen items

Finally - a traditional, unique and locally-sourced Certified farmers' market created with you in mind!